Luctonians came away with a hard-fought 18-3 victory at Avery Fields. Lucs opened the scoring with a Tom Jones penalty after the home side gave away a penalty inside their own 22. Bourns, playing with the wind in the first half, had the lion’s share of possession and territory but only had a Mitch McGahan penalty to show for their efforts. Luctonians managed to score off a 13-man maul with what seemed to be their only visit into the opposition 22m; Ben Link coming up with the ball and Jones adding the conversion to make it 10-3. Bournville digressed again early in the 2nd half and Jones dispatched the simple penalty to make it 13-3. Both sides forward packs cancelled each other out and the game was played in the majority between the two 22m lines. A box kick from Luctonians was spilled in the backfield and Rob Bengry was the quickest to react as he beat the cover to score in the corner and make it 18-3. Try as they might, Bournville couldn’t find a way to break down the defence and were hampered further by two yellow cards as Luctonians came away with a deserved win on the road.

The defence is there but so far this season Bourns are struggling to click into the next gear when they have a team under the pump. Once it does click it will be a frightful sight for opposition teams to see, We can only hope it comes soon.

3,2,1 for the day

1: Ben Tibbetts: Looked lively but was hampered by the service at times. Kicking game put Luctonians under pressure.

2: Ash Scriven; tireless in defence and some big shots on the oppositions ball carriers.

3 and Star man; Kyle Williams; best game in a Bournville shirt to date. Was a presence in the tight for the pack.

Through the viewfinder

Like Bournville, not my best day.

Something was definitely missing from the start.

I soon found out what is was at the first press of the shutter. I had made the rookie mistake of not installing the memory card. Equivalent to turning up without your boots – done that too.

I made this mistake once before when I first started taking photos of Bournville, but as I only lived a short distance from Rowheath, I managed to pop home and get one. Not an option now.

Luckily for me Bournville’s other photographer, Andrew McCumiskey, generously offered to loan me his 2nd camera set-up ( which is miles better than my first one). But unfortunately, (and here’s the excuse for poor performance) Nikon had updated too many functions and settings for me to get to grips with it in the short space I had (2 minutes) hence the meagre offerings today.

If you have 2 minutes to waste please take a look HERE for and unlucky collection of 13 photos

Sully – Bournville’s always friendly (and free) photographer

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